Black Francis: 07-11 – 9 CD box set to be released 5th November!

Available to order now – 07-11

129 tracks across 9CDs including 5 studio albums – ‘Bluefinger’ (2007), ‘Sv n F ng rs’ (2008), ‘The Golem’ (2010), ‘NonStopErotik’ (2010), and ‘Paley & Francis’ (2011), plus, ‘Abbabubba’, a collection of B-sides, rarities and remixes, plus two live albums ‘Live In Nijmegen’ and ‘Live At The Hotel Utah Saloon’ (released on CD for the very first time).

“This period of recordings marks a time when I felt free to write albums, or bodies of work, that were organised under the banner of a theme or unified concept… Some of the stories are incomplete or they mutate into each other. It is not always beginning, middle, and end with a moral (thank the gods!) Sometimes they are just flashes of the unexplained. ” – Black Francis.
All 8 albums have been newly mastered for this release by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering at AIR, and the box includes a 40-page companion booklet featuring exclusive new artwork, along with an introduction and album-by-album liner notes by Black Francis.  Released 5th November 2021